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Hello! This started as a blog dedicated mostly to Ylvis, but I am becoming more and more obsessed with other things as well, so I might just say it's a multifandom blog. Things posted here are listed in the 'about' page (that I made only to put a Vegard gif there XD) /

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I got this idea from a different fandom that I follow. 

Ylvis M.A.S.H.  Just for fun…click and drag to see what you get…

Feel free to share your results…  :D


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What happens when someone faints during Pie Jesu?

I didn’t get any pictures from the performance of Pie Jesu at Moldejazz, but I was touched by Bård’s reaction to a fan who fainted, and wanted to share it here…

Fainters during Pie Jesu performances are apparently not uncommon, as my friend who was at Bergen can attest. She said at least two people fainted that she saw, but they were far enough back in the crowd the boys didn’t notice or at least didn’t comment on it. In Molde, however, I was in the front row — and right at the moment the knife “went in” to Vegard’s arm, I heard a shriek behind me and this young girl dropped like a stone. The paramedics were right on it and took her to the First Aid tent, but the guys couldn’t help but see what was going on; it was quite a flurry of activity. Of course they carried on like true showmen, although I thought I caught a significant look between Bård and the prop woman when he went to get his chainsaw…

After the song was over Bård said, (rough translation) “I noticed that a couple of people had trouble with that song — usually it’s my father who faints during that number! So, if any if you are next to my father, please help him out…”

A great way to take notice and embarrassment away from the young fan; Bård is ever the gentleman.

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